a pity he hadn’t overslept

Death had such a spring in its step,

When it boarded the 105.

And now your hands

Are rubbing your thighs,

You’re sitting in retrospect.


the rain was a song for you

It’s funny how I could put all the trust in you like I do to her. Just how much of you do I know about you really? Unlike the rest of the world, neither of you were blind. Your words of irritation urged me to see for the second time, and only then did I really listen. Someone of your demeanor is just someone I could trust with almost all my life.

I know I showed you a part of myself I didn’t show to many people, but you were there, and you listened. You knew that I wasn’t in need of comfort and only in need of someone to help me and listen. You see, you were someone who understood me. And I’m only one out of a hundred more voices.

I never told you much about myself, but you knew me. Without you, I think the night would’ve rolled into a hectic whirlpool, so thank you. You were the one who made me really tune in, who made me understand what it all really was. No matter what everyone else said, you understood me, and you understood my ground. I know I’ve said it a thousand times to you, but thank you.